Rebuilt Inspections

Let us help you with all your rebuilt needs. We provide assistance with paperwork generation and processing, as well as scheduling your physical inspection.

Easy Scheduling

We provide easy scheduling assistance for rebuilt inspections in Miami-Dade and Broward County.

DMV - Approved

Bring your vehicle to one of our locations to get an inspection without having to go to the DMV.

Paperwork Help

If needed, we can provide assistance in filling out rebuilt paperwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a rebuilt inspection?

According to FLHSMV, “A rebuilt vehicle is a motor vehicle that has been repaired or rebuilt after incurring damage to one or more major component parts through crash or other means. Section 319.14, Florida Statutes, (F.S.), states that a person may not sell a rebuilt vehicle until the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (Department) has conducted a physical examination of the vehicle to assure the identity and ownership of the vehicle and all major component parts, and has branded on the certificate of title that the vehicle has been rebuilt.

To meet the requirements of Section 319.14, F.S., the Department conducts inspections of rebuilt vehicles prior to titling. Rebuilt vehicle inspections require a two-step process—a documentation review followed by a physical inspection of the vehicle. An applicant for a rebuilt title must provide satisfactory proof of vehicle ownership as well as ownership or purchase of parts replaced or repaired.”

Do I need a dealer license to get a rebuilt inspection?

No. Any private individual may submit paperwork for a rebuilt inspection.

What paperwork is required for a rebuilt inspection?

In order to submit a rebuilt inspection you must provide the following: Application for Title, Statement of Builder, Original Title, Bill of Sale, as well as photographs of the vehicle prior to repair, receipts for all major component parts replaced/repaired along with any body shop receipt(s).

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