Dealer Licensing

Whether you are looking to open a new automobile dealership or have been in business for years, DCS is here to help in all aspects of properly operating and maintaining a properly licensed dealership.

Dealer Licensing

DCS can help you acquire your dealer license—a State requirement needed to buy and sell used cars.


Apart from licensing, DCS offers private consultations geared toward finding a solution for your specific dealer needs.

Finance Licensing

Help with obtaining your finance license so that you can offer Buy Here Pay Here or Independent Financing to your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a dealer license to get into auction(s)?

Yes. Most major auction houses are not open to the general public. In order to buy vehicles at auction you must be a properly licensed dealer.

What type of dealer license do I need?

Well that depends on your specific needs. The most common dealer license is called a Vehicle Independent Dealer License (VI) and this type of license is typically pursued by individuals who want to be able to buy or sell vehicles at auction and/or retail (ie. to the public). For more information on other types of licenses and their purpose, click here.

Do I need a finance license if I don't charge interest?

Yes. If you deliver a vehicle and a party still owes you money for it, you are acting as a Motor Vehicle Installment Seller—even if you don’t charge interest.

Do I need a finance license if I'm using my own money to finance?

Yes. Whether you’re using your own money or using a finance company’s the Department of Financial Regulation requires you to have a Motor Vehicle Retail Installment Sellers License.

Does DCS offer private consultations?

Absolutely. Our licensing specialists can meet with you and provide you with a roadmap to help you obtain your dealer license. To schedule a consultation call (305)758-9001.

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