Dealer Training

FDS provides a variety of dealer-focused classes and seminars for prospective and existing dealers that ranges from the initial Pre-Licensing course required to establish a dealer license as well as required Continuing Education courses.

Available tracks are offered either in-person at one of out many locations or can be taken online. Classes can be taken in either English or Spanish. Click the button on the right to get started.


Take the first step in establishing your dealer license today. This course can be taken online or in-person.

Continuing Education

Once your dealer license has been established, the state requires continuing education every other renewal cycle.

Our classes are tailor made to suit your schedule and preferred language. Visit the course catalog page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "pre-licensing" course?

A pre-licensing course is designed to teach you the fundamentals and state requirements of owning and operating a properly maintained dealership.

Do I need continuing education?

Continuing education for independent dealers is required every other renewal cycle which is marked on April 30th. 

Does DCS offer private courses?

Yes. We offer private courses for individuals and/or any of their partners. For more information, please call (305)758-9001.

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Print Certificate

After successful course completion, you will receive your printable certificate by e-mail.

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Our process is streamlined to minimize the time needed from our customers, in order to get your bond as f

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Dealer bonds are our specialty, therefore, our process is designed with the dealer—and only the dealer—in mind.

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Renew your dealer bond and get processed and scheduled for Continuing Education at the same time.

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