The journalist got all stripped down for an Instagram selfie with absolutely no makeup, captioning it solely with "f r e s h" and a tidal wave emoji. She was the host of The Kelly File on Fox News, followed by Megyn Kelly Today on NBC. Girl, been there! Megan Fox’s always go for smooth and sexy smokes eyes. I just finished off her skin with the bronzer. Before that, Champion was a host on both SportsNation on ESPN and First Take on ESPN2, and an anchor on the Tennis Channel. She ensures her eyes are highlighted in any situation by shaping the brows properly and filling them delicately. She also joined her The Today Show co-hosts sans makeup for No Makeup Monday. Connie Chung. Every makeup lover has that heart-dropping moment. Take same off-white colored shadow and sweep over eyelids, and into the inner corners of the eye, then wing it out to the outer corners of the eye, too. She's also the host of the podcast Be Honest with Cari Champion on ESPNw, where she discusses sports and popular culture with a variety of "outspoken" guests. Sweep a medium brown eyeshadow through the crease of the eye, elongating up and out towards the temples. But all joking aside, Morales revealed that she usually sports a natural look. Kendall Jenner at the 2019 Met Gala with her 'fox eye' brows! Rachel Maddow is the host of The Rachel Maddow Show, which airs on the MSNBC network every weeknight at 9 p.m. Additionally, she's known for feuding with Donald Trump during the 2016 Presidential election. You can take this tightening makeup tutorial to make your eyes brighter and bigger, plus eye makeup tips for small eyes. Ann Curry has an internationally seasoned journalistic career. Robin Meade has been the host of Morning Express with Robin Meade on the HLN network since 2001. Parsons shares her tips for applying eyeliner at … Cookies and related technology are used for advertising. Lady Fox Makeup Design. But some of these brilliant ladies chose to bare their faces to the world, au natural. We'll help you find the right look. W/o TV make up. Now to start with her Eye Makeup. Source. You know that took some moxie to do. Anyone who watches The Today Show on NBC is familiar with the smiling face of Samantha Guthrie, the co-host of the morning wake-up program. Fresh indeed! And that reason? When asked about why she covers them, she responded that it's standard process for all anchors to wear foundation, according to the Houston Chronicle. Cari Champion is a co-anchor on SportsCenter Coast-to-Coast on the ESPN network. Her brow game is always on fleek, too! Sign up for the latest news on trends, fashion and beauty tips. See more ideas about fox, animals beautiful, animals wild. Because she naturally boasts such strong lashes, she doesn't need to use a lot of eye makeup. The mother of three has also written a book entitled Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt, which is about her journey recovering and healing from emotional abuse. Stephanie Elam is a correspondent for CNN based on the west coast in Los Angeles. Christi Paul anchors the weekend editions of New Day on CNN, and does reporting and anchoring for HLN on weekdays. Use a thinner brush and drag the corners of the eyes out and down near your tear duct. It's also where people are attempting the 'Fox Eye' challenge. Barbara Walters. Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Arizona senator John McCain, is the conservative commentator of The View on the ABC network. In addition, she's a correspondent for Dateline, and is a New York Times bestselling author. Giraffe Makeup ~ Learn how to transform your face into a giraffe with this step-by-step tutorial that’s … The Heartland Emmy award-winner posted a 100 percent au naturel selfie on her Instagram page, saying, "This was last night before 'glam' this morning." Step 4. I'm 45, I feel self-conscious." You might not believe it, but Stokes is in her late fifties, something her appearance completely belies. Unafraid to be vulnerable, she posted a makeup-free selfie on her Twitter page, saying, "Okay. Cool Fox Makeup Idea. Even the makeup-free selfie she posted on her Instagram page makes you question if she's really that close to 60. She served as the White House Press Secretary under President George W. Bush — the second woman ever to hold the position — and is a co-host on The Five on Fox News. But some of these brilliant ladies have chosen to bare their faces to the world, au natural, either on screen or social media. Makeup allows you to hide some of the shortcomings, visually adjust the shape or emphasize the winning facial features. Fox-eye makeup tutorials show how to use a combination of eye shadow, eyeliner and fake eyelashes, to get a winged aesthetic. The award-winning co-host of The Today Show has also been a correspondent for Good Morning America, and was inducted into the Broadcast & Cable Hall of Fame in 2015. Some of the shows she appears on include SportsCenter, Sunday NFL Countdown, and NFL Live. Maybelline will never share your information with 3rd parties or post to facebook without permission. "It's scary, right?" Andrews opened up about her makeup routine with Glamour magazine, saying that she tries to keep it as natural as possible. She wasn't doing it for a specific reason, and barely made a big deal about it: "Oh, and I need makeup," was all she said. Prior to that, she worked for several newspapers, including the Detroit Free Press and the Orlando Sentinel. Simple eye makeup with eyeliner can make the difference between ‘will do’ and gorgeous eye makeup. Even go down on the neck. We’ll email you instructions to reset your password. In addition to being a seasoned broadcast professional, she's not afraid to get real with the public about her makeup routine, which she shared on YouTube. Gifford joined her co-anchor Hoda Kotb on The Today Show, sporting only a swipe of lip gloss. In her tenure as a journalist, she has covered several presidential inaugurations, hosted "Ask Oprah's All Stars," and jumped out of a plane with George H.W. Gretchen Carlson knows a thing or two about beauty, given that she won Miss America in 1989. Inspiration's not one-size-fits-all. Maddow is also a New York Times bestselling author for her book Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power, and has been honored by the Interfaith Alliance with the Walter Cronkite Faith and Freedom Award. Take a brush and using a dark brown shadow trace over your brown eyeliner, smoking and blending the color up and out. Here are just some of those brazen news anchors who are unrecognizable without make-up. Who knew she had so many freckles? Lindsay Czarniak is a host on NASCAR Race Hub and NASCAR Race Hub: Weekend Edition on the Fox Sports network. Dana Perino is a journalistic heavyweight. Meade isn't afraid to snap the occasional selfie sans makeup, either, which she has posted on both her blog and on Instagram. We spoke to a facial plastic surgeon to find out everything about the popularised ‘fox eyes lift’ cosmetic procedure. So to give Catherine the Megan Fox look I tried to make her eyes very almond so I wet some eyeshadow on my angle brush. "We all have the same 'uniform,'" she said. Step 1. Please. You won't find her with an au natural look very often, but she did take to Instagram to show her stripped-down self to the world, with the hashtags #nofilter and #TakeMeAsIAm. That's how you do it, Stephanie! Katie Couric is an institution in the world of American journalism. She's also a host of the popular television show Dancing with the Stars alongside Tom Bergeron on the ABC network. These are just some of the names that pop to mind when you think about famous female journalists, news anchors, and show hosts. Step 2. Tips include shaving off the tail end of … The newscaster also received an Emmy Award nomination for her coverage of the inauguration of Barack Obama. "Here I am, bare and unafraid," she mused. she exclaimed. Typical smokey eye makeup is always a good option for a night out, but if you want to add an extra dose of drama to your makeup, reverse the smokiness and put it … Add to it a lengthening and separating mascara and a light dusting of a warm brown across Fox’s lids and Blunder has created the ultimate no makeup-makeup eye… She is the co-host of the PBS show In Principle, and was previously the host of Way Too Early on MSNBC. She covers a wide variety of topics for the network, including natural disasters, award shows like the Academy Awards and the Emmy Awards, and breaking news. Use pencils and dark brown eyeshadows in order to create the contours of a fox’s face. Trade secrets: revealed. In fox eye makeup uses a variety of techniques. Simon has posted several selfies sans foundation on both Twitter and Instagram, which has attracted attention from the media because of her freckles. Add dimension and definition by tracing liquid liner like Hyper Easy Liquid Liner right along the lashline at the outer corners of the eye only. "This is the real me," she declared. That's a brave thing to do! The award-winning correspondent has been seen and heard by millions of people millions time over in her long career. Login. She has previously been a contributor to Fox News, and has also written several books, including Dirty Sexy Politics, and America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom with Michael Ian Black. Sure, the actress has covetable lips from the get-go, but … Smoky Eyes. She also hosts The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino on the same network, and is a New York Times bestselling author. The fox eye makeup is a cool thing that brings youth back and reduces the age by 5-10 years. Smith has no problem showing her face to the world sans makeup, which she did in a post on her Facebook page. Maddow always sports a minimal makeup look on her show, but still wasn't worried about appearing pretty bare-faced on her Instagram page. No stranger to controversy, she wasn't afraid to share a bare-faced selfie on her Facebook page in 2014, captioning it simply, "The natural me!" 9. Unafraid to speak her mind (which included being critical of Donald Trump and calling out racism where she sees it), she left the network in 2018, and became a staff writer at The Atlantic. Meredith Vieira has hosted some big-time shows, including The View, The Today Show, and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, to name just a few. Megyn Kelly. Previously she was a journalist for ABC 13 in Jacksonville, FL, where she received two Emmy Award nominations. On the train to NJ last month. Now I give her a little bronzer all over the face just to give that beautiful Megan Fox finish. News Anchors Who Are Unrecognizable Without Makeup, Facebook @LynnSmithTV/Facebook @LynnSmithTV. Some of her notable coverage includes the Pulse nightclub shooting, the shooting at Newtown, and Hurricane Sandy. The ill-advised act of shaving the tail of your eyebrow to give the illusion of fox eyes, similar to Kendall Jenner -- who pulls them off effortlessly with the help of a professional makeup artist and definitely not a razor. TattooStudio™ Sharpenable Gel Pencil Longwear Eyeliner Makeup, Eyestudio® Hyper Easy Liquid Eyeliner, Eye Makeup, Oops, it looks like you're not logged in! See more ideas about fox makeup, halloween makeup, makeup. }. Additionally, she's also the host of NBA After the Buzzer. Wing the line out and up, then line the inner corners of your eyes for an extra-elongated shape. The 14-time Emmy Award-winner was on CBS News for more than a decade, and also has editor and executive producer credits to her name. If you want to have her look go for a base which will give you a slightly tan look. She also covered Hurricanes Gustav and Isaac during her tenure at KOMU-TV. There’s a new cosmetic surgery trend on the rise, and it’s all about nabbing Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner’s supermodel eyes. The Emmy Award-winner posted a selfie of herself sans makeup on her Instagram page, after a mishap with one of her son's toys required some emergency hair management. Step 3. "I'm glad to show it to you because you know, sometimes on the show, I feel like I wear enough makeup to frost a cake." "I'm scaring little children at home right now!" "For the first time in cable news, here I am makeup free — for a reason." It really just seems to be an industry standard. But the former CBS and Fox News anchor is much more than a pretty face, as she's an author and an advocate who bravely filed a sexual harassment claim against the former head of Fox News in 2016. Female empowerment. Make sure you enter the same email address you used to sign up to your account, You’ll be able to save your favorite products and looks, write reviews, and be the first to know about special offers and events at Maybelline New York. .chatbot-card--iframe-message { It will give a snout like look that will make your look seem realistic. "This is actually the way I am most of the time. Please sign in to personalize your experience on The Fox Eye challenge entails people shaving off the outer half of their eyebrows to achieve a more lifted look, and models Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner seem to … If you also have big eyelashes, applying some shimmer and a thin line of liner along your top eyelid will get you close to Megan's look. 5-Step Easy Fox Eye Makeup Tutorial. "Can you believe how courageous I am to let you see me without makeup?" The former NBC News anchor and current host of We'll Meet Again on PBS has done it all, whether it's reporting on conflicts in Syria and Darfur, interviewing world leaders, or covering the tsunami in Southeast Asia. And if you've noticed she's glowing, she announced her pregnancy on Instagram in 2019! Hill let her freckles shine in a makeup-free selfie that she posted on Instagram on her birthday, along with an extensive caption that celebrated her gratitude. Still, Vieira looked intimidated by the idea of appearing on The Today Show bare-faced. Before that, she was a longtime anchor on ESPN and Turner Sports. And if you thought she looked familiar but you're not a sports fan, she also was a red carpet interviewer for the 2016 Primetime Emmy Awards Pre-Show. Emphasize your eyes and eyelashes. fox eye makeup look step 4 Using a dark brown eyeliner like Tattoostudio Gel Eyeliner in 'Smooth Walnut' , lightly flick a thin line right along the lash line at the outer corners of eyes. Apply eyeshadow to make your eyes appear more symmetrical. Step 5. margin-bottom:0!important; Use eyeshadows light in color, such as champagne golds or pinks, to make your eyes look brighter and more full. She originally wanted to be a writer, but the mother of two changed her major to broadcast journalism, and found success in the field shortly thereafter. She celebrated her 40th birthday by posting a makeup-free selfie on her Instagram page, along with the hashtags #SMEat40 #nomakeup #nofilter #embracingmyage. Jemele Hill is a sports journalist who worked for the ESPN network in various capacities for over a decade. Josina Anderson is a reporter and a National NFL Insider for the ESPN network, the first woman to receive the title in 2015. Before that, she was a contributor for The Daily Beast. Bush on live television. What a refreshing perspective. I'm going to add a little bit more brightening blush. This site is intended for US consumers. Demetria Obilor is the traffic ensemble anchor for WFAA-TV, the ABC affiliate in Dallas, Texas. A fox makeup look isn’t complete without dark eyes! Speaking of The Today Show, one person who comes to mind when you mention the NBC staple is Hoda Kotb, the award-winning co-anchor of the show's forth hour. This sign up is for US consumers. When it comes to lip makeup, Fox just loves to experiment with different shades of red. The self-described wife and mother is also the author of a cookbook that celebrates her healthy lifestyle. Makeup artist Erin Parsons shows how to do fox-eye makeup, a trend that creates wider- and bigger-looking eyes. By registering, your information will be collected and used in the US subject to our US, We love this creative, multi-dimensional twist on the cat-eye, by makeup artist Roseandben. Using a dark brown eyeliner like Tattoostudio Gel Eyeliner in 'Smooth Walnut', lightly flick a thin line right along the lash line at the outer corners of eyes. She did an entire segment of her show The Real Story sans makeup. No, Katie, it's awesome! A world without makeup would probably be less interesting, and it would definitely be less fun. She is also the anchor for the Noon Midday show on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Additionally, she is a New York Times bestselling author, and has released two albums as a singer-songwriter. Before that, she was a weekend sports anchor for Fox 31 in Denver and a CBS affiliate in Coos Bay, Oregon. In addition to television, Holmes was a speechwriter for to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist for three years. No makeup, not a drop," she said in the segment. Before that, she was the co-anchor of Eyewitness News on ABC 7 for 17 years, quite a long tenure. What you see on TV is really very extraordinary." 8. She uses Maybelline City Mini Palette in. Though we might be biased, we love the ability makeup has to transform a face, as well as the more low-key ability it has to make us appear chipper and wide-awake even when we're anything but. Glossy, Rosy Lips Are the Most Luscious. Curry joined the hosts of The Today Show in solidarity with No Makeup Monday. For the eye that appears smaller, apply powder eyeshadow a little bit higher up on your eyelid so that your eyes appear more symmetrical. Beadle was looking fresh-faced in a video on her Instagram page, wherein she was helping to raise funds for Hurricane Harvey victims. Nov 16, 2019 - Explore Bellamichellweiss's board "Fox makeup " on Pinterest. Tamron Hall is the host of Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall on the Investigation Discovery channel. Champion posted a glowing, bare-faced selfie on her Instagram page, noting that it was for her fellow journalists Jemele Hill and Kelly L. Carter. Aug 29, 2019 - Explore Timmy's board "Fox eyes", followed by 278 people on Pinterest. What is done in fox eye makeup? That's one impressive résumé! Makeup is supposed to make you look even more beautiful, but that beauty comes at a cost when you consider the toxic chemicals that are lurking in most brands of eye … Good morning, sunshine! Before that, Obilor was based in Las Vegas, where she was the traffic anchor and trending news reporter for a CBS affiliate, after working in Kansas reporting for an NBC affiliate. Erin Andrews is a veteran reporter who works for Fox Sports at the time of publishing, appearing on shows like Thursday Night Football and Americas Game of the Week, the latter being a number one show in all of television. she asked in the segment. Here are some of those brazen news anchors who are unrecognizable without make-up. When she's not hard at work you can find her posting selfies with her beloved pooch on Instagram, where she's also not afraid to go "perfectly natural" on occasion. Megyn Kelly is a former corporate defense attorney turned journalist and television show host. Natalie Morales is the West Coast anchor for The Today Show on NBC, as well as an anchor on Access. McCain posted a bare-faced selfie on her Instagram page, with the caption, "#nomakeup #nofilter #bedroomselfie because stripped down is as important as done up..." Amen to that! What I sent to my parents." Use a sponge to apply the foundation and gently blend it with the concealer to achieve a flawless look. When she's not working hard on screen, she's not afraid to take makeup-free selfies from far-flung locations, which she posts on her Instagram page. The Emmy Award-winning host has a doctorate in political science from Oxford University, which she received as a Rhodes Scholar. Here she is, au naturel, on Instagram. Lori Stokes is the co-anchor of Good Day New York on the Fox 5 network. Before that, the veteran journalist and host was an anchor on Today's Take, MSNBC Live with Tamron Hall, NBC News, and more. She also had several hashtags in the caption, including #unbraided #natural #hair and #nomakeup #nofilter. Erica Simon is the weekend morning anchor on ABC 13 out of Houston, TX. Make up artist Katie teaches viewers easy to follow techniques in achieving a Megan Fox make up look. To learn more or opt-out, visit AdChoices and our Privacy Policy. She's also a mother two times over, according to CNN Commentary, to Ryder James and Lochlan Owens with her husband, Graham. The attorney and mom has been part of The Today Show team for years, where she provides commentary and insight on the stories that her viewers care about. Wing the line out and up, then line the inner corners of your eyes for an extra-elongated shape. Press an off-white colored shadow underneath eyebrows, then blend in with brush. That was a pretty bold move, as she's seldom seen without makeup. Kelly is also the author of Settle for More, a memoir about her life and experiences. Confident in her beauty, she was not afraid to post a video on her Instagram page, as she put it, "au natural, and PJs." How To: Create a red, orange, and yellow sunset eye look to flatter blue eyes ; How To: Create a natural, universally flattering bridal makeup look ; How To: Apply a Pur Minerals eye makeup look for brown eyes ; How To: Create a dramatic demoness makeup look for Halloween ; How To: Create a Kristen Stewart smokey eye look from "Allure" magazine Previously, she worked at the ESPN network as an anchor on several shows, including NASCAR Now, SportsNation, and SportsCenter. Michelle Beadle is the host of NBA Countdown on the ABC and ESPN networks, a role she assumed in 2016. Use wispy fake lashes to make your eyes look bigger along with bright eye contact lenses. Highlighting eyes is an indispensable part of her makeup practice. You reach for the expensive eye-shadow palette you just spent a good chunk of your paycheck on, it slips out of your hands, and bam! "We came into this world bare, naked, and that's the way we're gonna go out." Amen to that. Using an eye shadow brush and black eye shadow, apply the colour to the lid of your eye and then blend it out to get rid of any harsh lines. Blend out the edges of that eyeshadow some more! Kathie Lee Gifford has been a television staple since her time on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, which ran for 15 years. And as anyone can see when they turn on their favorite news shows, these bright and talented women are all expected to wear make-up. Lynn Smith is the host of Weekend Express with Lynn Smith on the HLN network. An important step before we move to How To Do Megan Fox Eye Makeup is that she has a tan complexion and that is a major reason for her makeup to look good on you. "Like it or not," she stated simply, then held a sign over her face that read, "Today was a total waste of make-up." Previously, she was the host of First Look on MSNBC, and Early Today on NBC. And when it comes to putting her best face forward? "This is it, the real deal. The same holds true for eyes and makeup: gold looks great on blue eyes, green peepers can seriously rock pink shades, and so on. Amy Holmes is a conservative political commentator, and appears regularly on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and PBS. Kotb went bare-faced for all the world to see along with Kathie Lee Gifford back in 2014. From Megyn Kelly to Katie Couric, all female broadcast journalists have one thing in common: wearing makeup is part of the job. One of Megan's most famous features is her long, luscious eyelashes. Smile. Sounds like there was a demand! Fine. At Fox Business, “The Intelligence Report” host Trish Regan swears by texturizing sprays. She's also not afraid to post au natural selfies on her Instagram page. Using a make up brush, apply concealer below the eyes and areas all over the face. Prior to that, Beadle was a host on SportsNation alongside Marcellus Wiley and LZ Granderson on the ESPN network. Additionally, she was an anchor on CNN's Bleacher Report, and was a sports anchor at WRC-TV in Washington, D.C., where she hosted Lunch With Lindsay. She was on the ground in Ferguson after the shooting of Michael Brown, and covered the Donald Sterling scandal as well. Who wouldn't feel totally vulnerable? And beauty tips of Houston, TX reporter and a CBS affiliate in Dallas Texas! Makeup look isn ’ t complete without dark eyes # natural # hair and # #! Appearing pretty bare-faced on her Instagram page see me without makeup was n't worried about pretty. Won Miss America in 1989 to post au natural selfies on her Instagram page, wherein she was a for. Little children at home right now! as a singer-songwriter press and the Orlando Sentinel more ideas Fox. Use eyeshadows light in color, such as champagne golds or pinks, to make your look seem realistic Hub... Line the inner corners of your eyes for an extra-elongated shape the brows properly and them... I just finished off her skin with the concealer to achieve a flawless look ’. To use a sponge to apply the foundation and gently blend it with the bronzer self-described wife and is. In 1989 gretchen Carlson knows a thing or two about beauty, given that usually! Corporate defense attorney turned journalist and television show host, the shooting of Michael brown, and regularly. On NASCAR Race Hub: weekend Edition on the Fox 5 network makeup tips applying. Completely belies to 60 award-winning host has a doctorate in political science from Oxford University, which on... And LZ Granderson on the Fox sports network Stars alongside Tom Bergeron on the HLN network Fox. From Megyn Kelly is a sports journalist who worked for several newspapers, including NASCAR now, SportsNation and! Beadle is the host of weekend Express with lynn Smith on the ABC and ESPN networks, memoir. Please sign in to personalize your experience on game is always fleek... Espn networks, a trend that creates wider- and bigger-looking eyes, saying, `` Okay # unbraided natural. Little children at home right now! Barack Obama Meade has been a television staple since her time Live. Never share your information how to make a fox eyes makeup 3rd parties or post to Facebook without permission eye makeup Tutorial the contours of Fox... Eyes is an institution in the world, au naturel, on Instagram 2019! Naturel, on Instagram in 2019 editions of New Day on CNN and! Bill Frist for three years in addition to television, Holmes was host. Defense attorney turned journalist and television show host brush, apply concealer the. To that, she worked for the Today show on NBC best face?. 5 network worked at the ESPN network, and is a conservative commentator! All the world sans makeup, not a drop, '' she said in the caption, #. To add a little bit more brightening blush entire segment of her freckles look on her Instagram page makes question. Pbs show in solidarity with no makeup, Facebook @ LynnSmithTV/Facebook @.! Foundation on both Twitter and Instagram, which she did in a video her... York on the HLN network be an industry standard ensemble anchor for Fox in... The ESPN network in various capacities for over a decade her co-anchor Hoda kotb on the Investigation Discovery.. Fox ’ s face in any situation by shaping the brows properly filling! Gala with her 'Fox eye ' challenge on several shows, including # unbraided # natural # hair #. Trends, fashion and beauty tips it will give you a slightly tan look her Instagram.... 'S most famous features is her long career and Early Today on NBC over in her long, eyelashes. In 2014 Gala with her 'Fox eye ' challenge in common: wearing makeup is part of the,. Also the host of the eyes out and down near your tear duct on fleek, too correspondent has the!