While these products are flammable – most of them consist of 60-90% alcohol – your car would need to heat up to around 700 degrees Fahrenheit before a container of hand sanitizer would explode or burn on its own, and nobody’s car gets that hot inside. A Wisconsin fire department had to “apologize for any confusion” because of its Facebook post suggesting bottles of hand sanitizer could explode in a hot car. However, Snopes has debunked that widely circulated picture and the claim that hand sanitizer could explode. Hand sanitizer probably won't spontaneously combust in a hot car, but there is a reason it's not a great idea to leave a bottle of it in your vehicle. And Ford engineers also warned that hand sanitiser is likely to damage your car's interior. Will hand sanitizer explode if left in hot car? A car would need to reach 572 degrees Fahrenheit to cause hand sanitizer to explode, Poynter reported. In a Facebook post showing a burned-out car door, the Western Lakes Fire District explains most hand sanitizers are alcohol-based, making them flammable. Most hand sanitizers are alcohol-based, anywhere … Wisconsin fire fighters deleted a warning that hand sanitizer could explode if left in hot cars after it went viral recently and apologized for causing "confusion." Experts warn that leaving hand sanitizer in your hot car can cause the disinfectant to EXPLODE. Hand sanitizers use either ethyl or isopropyl alcohol as the basis for their formulas. Not even in the hottest regions of the U.S. in the middle of August. According to the National Fire Protection Association, hand sanitizer would have … “These alcohols have a low flashpoint,” said Guy Colonna, the Director of Standards for NFPA. Researchers at Arizona State University found that the hottest the inside of cars … An online post that went viral has raised a lot of questions about hand sanitizer and whether it can explode when left in a hot car. Hand sanitizer will not explode in hot cars. SUBSCRIBE NOW $1 for 3 months. Posted May 27, 2020 ... by the general public and never stated a direct link between the photo of the burned-out car and exploding hand sanitizer… Bottles of hand sanitiser have also been known to explode after being left in hot cars. “The flashpoint is the temperature at which the … A viral social media post last week from a Wisconsin fire department warned about the possibility of alcohol-based hand sanitizer exploding inside a car during hot weather.